The Answer for Uncertain Times

U-Unite together in prayer and worship
N-Never think its the end.
C-Create a space for learning
E-Eat healthy. Build up your immune system.
R-Remember what's important
T-Tame your tongue. There's power in what you speak
A-Assume change is coming. It helps to prepare for the "what-ifs".
I-Ignite the fire of the gifts and talents God has given you and plan how to execute them for success in your life. 
N-Number your days. Not for death but for success. A plan is in order. 

T-Team up with like-minded people to ensure your success and sanity. 
I- Imagine where you want to be during and after the crisis. Be diligent in creating a plan by writing the vision you see. 
M-Meditate on the Word of God. Bible time and study will be an essential part of the growth in the time of trouble. 
E-Erase what you can't change. It's a done deal. Let it go and move on. 

We shall recover, heal, believe again, and become. We will make it, and we will win!
Much love, peace, and joy, 
Carlene Wright


  1. This is good advice. It helps to pass the time if we're being productive.

    1. Thank. I agree. I've done, planning, and more planning ๐Ÿ˜†. Now it's time for production.

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