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I Failed My Marriage...And It's All Good (The 40's Experience Series)

I know you may find my title a little strange or possibly shocking. What I'm about to say is my truth. I failed my marriage, and it's all good. When I got married in 2005, I wasn't happy about how everything went down, but I did it anyway (fail). I felt not to do it but thought I was a punk. At that moment, I was alone in the church bathroom, nine months pregnant, and alone. I pulled it together and said, "Carlene, stop being a punk. You got this!"(fail). I went through it on a Wednesday night right before bible study.    Through the years, I found myself evolving into someone I didn't recognize when I looked in the mirror. Hearing and listening to voices outside of my own voice, telling me what a wife AND mother should be, I became frustrated (fail). Who was this person I was viewing in the mirror? Where did Carlene go? My perception of the future grew dim. It hurt me to the core that I failed to allow her to be who God called her to be.    I went from being

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