Lesson of the day: MY NAME BRAND


Hey Everyone, 

Today has been a day so far. Currently, it is 11:38 AM and I'm in awe of what God is showing me. Lately, I've been on a journey with Him. Fasting and increasing my prayer life. Spending time with Him has been interesting. Things He is sharing with me have my mind blown. And I will share with you as to why this is so. 

The days I take my daughter to school, I don't always come back home right away. Because I live in the city, I find many places to either explore or visit. Most of the time, my favorite spot is McDonald's for breakfast and it's usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays that I do so. Well this morning, Thursday, I didn't do so. It's a fast day for me now...as well as Tuesday. Go figure. Anyway. Something different occurred on my way home. 

I clearly heard to go back the way I came. So I did. God starts to speak. In front of me was a girl who wore a black hoodie with the name CELINE on the back of it. There wasn't a design along with it. Just a plain black hoodie with the name CELINE on the back. I said to God, "Father, the design is so simple." I then watched a man come across the street. He wore a t-shirt with a simple little picture located on the right side of the shirt...basically where a pocket would be. 

I then turned the corner of the street that would lead me to the bus stop where I would have to go to come home. At the first bus shelter that I passed earlier, was an advertisement for CELINE. It wasn't much. A lady facing away from the camera, in a black jacket with silver rhinestones, black leather pants, a black background with a white frame, and CELINE in bold letters with the address to the store. I said to myself, "Okay Father, I think I'm getting what you're showing me."

The next bus shelter featured BALENCIAGA (in bold white letters) with a lady in a beautiful coat, shades, a black tote (that I want) white background of what seems to be an unfinished studio. Cool. Both ads are giving the products a chance to be showcased around the area...even around the world. However, it wasn't about the ads. It was about the brand. 

God started to speak to me about the brand. Though the product may cost much, the owner of it believes its worth. That hit me like a ton of bricks. No matter how many t-shirts, purses, jackets, styles of pants, and dresses are out there, it will always be about what your brand brings. Quality is one factor along with style. What is their niche? What makes them stand out?

When I look at the products of the brand Louie Vuitton, the consistency is good quality leather and the initial LV. Even with the jewelry company, Tiffany-their blue is unmatched. You will know Tiffany's even if the name wasn't up or lit in their window. Gucci is another brand that stays in its element to stand out from the rest. So where am I going with this and what's the lesson God taught me today?

Well, he gave me the urge to start a name brand for myself. It started with graphic designing. I love graphics, especially on T-shirts. I have invested in so many companies but never thought I would start a company with my name on it. Over time, I've fought with designs and what would be cool, what's in, what's not, and so forth. God today, taught me to BE in my element and create from that space. What He has given me will be enough. Just flow in who I am. My brand KAHRLEEN (spelled dictionary style) was given to me one night as I became frustrated with just about everything I was doing. 

KAHRLEEN is who I am...bold, creative, and unique. I share this part of me with everyone I come across. I guarantee a great time if you are in my presence. Never a dull moment. I love to push people outside of their box and enjoy the moments when they discover that they're outside of it. I enjoy conversations that are insightful and meaningful. I want people to leave my presence feeling their best. I plan to create graphic designs to embody my presence...the presence that comes from when I'm in the Presence of my Father. 

I don't know how far KAHRLEEN will go...all I know is, I'm here for the ride. Join me. Click Here


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