A Reminder To Give Thanks


Hey everyone. 

I hope and pray your holiday was enjoyable, peaceful, and full of thanks. My holiday was peaceful. Everyone wanted to stay home which was awesome. Food was made and all was well. Even though things weren't perfect as far as the setup as I'm used to, I'm grateful that we at least had a moment to sit, eat, reflect, laugh, and smile. 2023 hasn't been as nice to us and we really needed this moment to bond. 

During the middle of the night, I awoke as usual due to my bladder alarm. As I walked down the hall to the bathroom, hearing light snoring from the rooms of my children, I became overwhelmed with tears of gratitude. Their bellies were full. They're in nice warm (well hot as Hades) rooms. Sleeping peacefully and safely. The tears flowed down my cheeks as I gave thanks to God for all He has done, is doing, and will do. 

I constantly keep tabs on the things or people I'm thankful to have in my life. With me, it's always the little things. For the latter part of this year, I am aiming to practice having a thankful spirit. No matter what is going on around me, I want to be thankful. 

Living in NYC all my life is a huge part of being thankful. Every day I'm reminded of what could be. Passing a person who is homeless or witnessing a person with mental issues doesn't make me feel better than them. I realize it could be me at any given moment if it wasn't for God's grace and mercy on my life. I instantly go in prayer for them and that makes me thankful that I can do so on their behalf. 

Sometimes I take walks through the neighborhood just to clear my mind or to explore. I'm thankful I can do that now. There was a point in time when I couldn't walk for a long time which is one of my favorite things to do. It killed me on the inside.  My husband and I went to a sneaker store that specialized in custom-made soles to help your arch and heels. I'm thankful for not only going but being able to afford it which is another story in itself. Now I'm able to walk without pain which is how I dropped most of my weight. 

And speaking of weight, I'm thankful for the weight loss. It's been a journey and one that continues to be. I'm choosing to live a healthier lifestyle because I want to be here to enjoy my children and grandchild. I want to travel as well. Maybe take a few hikes in the mountains (I need a lot more confidence for that). I want to be able to enjoy life in good health. Losing weight for me wasn't about looking good, it was more about being alive and not going anywhere before my time due to negligence of my health. I'm thankful for the warning signs that took place (I'll talk about that later). 

Overall, I am thankful. This year, as I stated above, has been rough. It's good that I can reflect on things and give thanks. Can you do the same? Leave a message in the comments of what you're thankful for. Happy Reading. 



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